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Newheek U-arm ray system is a universal support

Alina 5月 13, 2019

The U-arm ray system is a universal support with a mobile patient positioning table (optional). The special cross arm and long vertical stroke allow images to be taken while the patient is standing, sitting down or lying down. The ergonomic handle allows the device to move and rotate safely with just one hand. With the bracket, you can approach the maximum center beam height of 170 cm and the minimum distance of 27 cm from the ground. A height-adjustable Z-arm is available for lateral images when the patient is lying down.
The control panel operates the entire X-ray system. The powder coated surface protects the device from surface wear and is easy to clean. With an ergonomic handle, you can move and rotate your device with one hand. All movements are slowed down electromagnetically. Thanks to the roller guides, it is perfectly balanced, very smooth and quiet.

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