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How to maintain the X-ray U-arm machine?

Alina 5月 14, 2019

Daily maintenance: It is carried out by the user. Before going to work or after work every day, clean the surface of the machine to remove dust and decontamination, and keep the machine and machine room clean and dry. There should be as little or no accumulation of debris as possible in the equipment room.
Regular maintenance: The maintenance personnel cooperate with the designated maintenance personnel to regularly check the fixed connection of each electrical appliance and mechanical parts, clean the dust, oil and rust (need to avoid the oil and high voltage cable contact). Check the operation of the machine, and if necessary, use the instrument to check the parameters. For X-ray machines that have not been used for a long time, the machine testing should be carried out before use.
When the machine is in continuous use, pay attention to the intermittent time of the machine. Note that the temperature of the X-ray tube is generally not more than 50 °C. It is strictly forbidden to adjust each adjustment knob or suddenly shut down when the machine generates radiation.

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