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Newheek U-arm improved radiography workflow

Alina 5月 14, 2019

Newheek X ray U-arm Improved radiography workflow

The user-friendly control simplifies the operation of the two-speed motor core, while the intuitive collision avoidance system makes patient positioning fast, easy and safe. The system automatically maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and the image receiver, further increasing throughput. And the included table allows the patient to be moved to various locations.
X ray U DR
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To minimize downtime, maximize productivity and reduce the risk of long-term service life, the Konica Minolta Blue Moon Select program for U-Arm digital radiography systems goes beyond typical warranty coverage, including DR panel protection. Software updates, field service, remote applications, and 24/7 technical assistance. A simple plan. do not worry. Register at the system sales point to get the lowest five-year cost of ownership.

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