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Is the U-arm machine easy to operate?

Alina 5月 15, 2019

U-arm X ray machine system High-end design island-style diagnostic bed
a. One-piece combined operating handle, which can easily control the movement and dot of the bed, image system and rotating pedal.

X ray U arm DR
b. humanized design diagnosis bedside operation switch can manipulate the movement of the bed and imaging system, making the near-inspection operation convenient and easy.
c. The spotting device and the imaging system have a large moving range, and the manipulator does not move. The subject can easily complete a series of examinations from the throat, the esophagus to the lower abdomen without moving.
d. Bed rotation range: The bed has a wide range of rotation and can stop at any position; when the forward direction is reversed, the bed can automatically stop in the upright position, the maximum negative angle position and the reverse tilt level; Limit protection should be adopted for the upright limit and the maximum negative angle limit; the bed rotation operation should adopt the normally off switch; the rotation should be smooth without obvious shaking.

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