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Medical U DR diagnostic X-Ray machine

肖恩 11月 10, 2020

Medical U DR diagnostic X-Ray machine uses a detector to realize multi-purpose shooting. All mechanical motion is driven and controlled by the motor, which improves the shooting efficiency to the largest extent. Its super flexibility and high cost performance make it a common configuration for digital photography.

The standard configuration of Medical U DR diagnostic X-Ray machine is X ray HV generator, X ray tube, collimator, UC ARM, digital flat panel display, image workstation.The advantages are beautiful appearance, high mechanical performance and wide range of detection.The height of the flat panel detector can be automatically adjusted according to the physical examination.

It can be freely matched with different kinds of X-ray photographic tables.

UC ARM has two functions: reset and rotary protection.

It can preset three positions to enter the machine, and press three reset keys, the system will move to your preset position. When the U arm is at a lower position, it can press the key to rotate it.It doesn’t rotate. Then push it higher and it will work.This function is designed to protect the machine from falling and falling when the UC arm touches the ground while rotating.Super image chain to get the perfect image. The special IT image workstation software realizes the functions of real-time image acquisition, storage, processing, printing and transmission.

Newheek X Ray Machine-U DR system adopts a-SI flat panel detector with stable performance and significantly reduced X – ray dose.

At present, mainstream hospitals are equipped with this type of equipment, if you are interested in this type of X-ray machine, welcome to send email and get in touch with us!

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