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Kenyan customer consulting sickle arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 2月 19, 2022

Today, Kenyan customers inquired about our sickle X-ray machine on Alibaba. You need to tell us the specific machine parameter configuration you need, and what is the purpose of your terminal or the equipment you bought? Are you taking a lumbar spine or a chest X-ray? Depending on your use, we will recommend different products to you.
A brief introduction to the 500 mA sickle arm DR system X-ray machine:
(1) Microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, easy to operate.
(2) Newly designed high frequency and high voltage generator: the exposure conditions are stable and accurate, which reduces the generation of soft rays while reducing the radiation dose, and effectively protects patients and doctors.
(3) Simple and convenient body position display: According to the selected patient’s body shape and position, the exposure parameters are automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.
If you are interested in our sickle X-ray machine, please contact our customer service.

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