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Image acquisition and printing of sickle arm DR

Newheek-Uarm 2月 18, 2022

Sickle arm DR image acquisition and processing software
Manual/Auto Window Width/Window Level, Preset Window Width/Window Level, Positive and Negative Image Flip, Image Flip, Image Rotation, Image Enlargement and Roaming;
Annotation and measurement, segmentation, automatic electronic cropping, partial enlargement, restoration of the original image;
Partially zoom in and restore the original image;
Edge enhancement: Automatically identify and analyze images to enhance image edge sharpness;
Dynamic range optimization: Automatically compress the dynamic curve of the original image, which is convenient for diagnosis;
High-frequency image enhancement: enhance image contrast, improve detail resolution, and significantly improve trabecular bone and other images;
Noise suppression: Automatically filter noise signals, significantly reduce image noise and improve image signal-to-noise ratio.
Image printing function
Manually select and print the displayed image;
Different printing equipment, film format and number of prints can be selected;
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