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How to choose a C-arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 9月 06, 2022

Recently, a customer asked how to choose a C-arm X-ray machine? If the user needs to do orthopedic surgery, choose small C.
Features of small C-arm X-ray machine:
Small C-arm high frequency and high voltage generator to improve image quality and reduce radiation dose
Small C-arm with excellent cost performance, ideal for medical units
Small C-arm with IBS, enhanced fluoroscopy function, adapt to different clinical needs
Small C-arm megapixel camera with higher image clarity
Small C-arm recursive noise reduction, Gamma correction, image enhancement, last frame hold,
Small C-arm positive and negative film display, up and down, left and right, 360° rotation at any angle
Small C-arm stores patient information and prints graphic reports

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