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Guangxi Dealer Consultation U Arm Digital DR

Newheek-Uarm 3月 23, 2023

The dealer in Guangxi inquired about the U Arm Digital DR. The customer saw our company’s products on the website and called us to inquire about the U Arm Digital DR. After communicating with the customer, I learned that the customer wants to purchase a dual column X-ray machine, recommended our U arm digital DR to the customer, and sent information videos to the customer.

Let me briefly show you our U arm digital DR:

The NKX-500 500mA medical diagnostic X-ray machine is mainly used for photographic examination of the chest, limbs, pelvic cavity, lumbar spine, and other parts of the human body.

Microcomputer control, LCD display, easy to operate.

Newly designed high-frequency high-voltage generator

The exposure conditions are stable and accurate, reducing the generation of soft radiation while reducing radiation dose, effectively protecting patients and doctors.

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75KV 6m high voltage cable for X-ray U arm machine X-ray machine

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