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Customer asks about the price of U-arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 5月 17, 2024

Recently, we received inquiries from customers regarding the price of U-arm X-ray machines. In addition, the customer wanted to know the specific operation of the machine, and we replied to the customer.
(1) Instrument safety: Before each shutdown and startup, adjust the pointers of the dry-type voltmeter, power meter, and other instruments to the lowest position. When using, adjust them appropriately to the normal state to prevent pointer drops and damage caused by sudden power on and off.
(2) Strictly control the usage conditions: After starting up, the power supply voltage should be calibrated first; The filament voltage should not be too high, as it directly affects the volatility of the X-ray tube filament. Therefore, it is necessary to use the machine correctly according to regulations. After the machine stops, it should be turned off in a timely manner to avoid reactive power consumption of the filament. It is strictly prohibited to use X-ray machines that exceed capacity and kilovolts. The Newheek uarm X-ray machine has more advantages in this regard
(3) When the machine is continuously used, attention should be paid to the intermittent time of the machine, and the external temperature of the X-ray tube generally does not exceed 50 ℃. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the adjustment knob or suddenly shut down the machine when it emits light. After the work is completed, the machine parts should be in a safe state. If there is any abnormal sound, odor, or pointer indication when using the machine, please turn off the machine in a timely manner, cut off the power, and report the reaction to maintenance personnel. Machine malfunctions are strictly prohibited to avoid expanding the scope of the malfunction.



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