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Functions of each configuration of sickle arm X-ray machine

Lillian 4月 06, 2021

Many customers will ask about the function of a certain part when they consult the sickle arm X-ray machine. Let me introduce it to you.
X-ray machine refers to a device that uses shadow images formed by different parts of the human body to absorb x-rays to diagnose patients. In the working process of the x-ray machine, different devices are required to work together to generate x-rays, control x-rays, and diagnose the human body.
The spherical tube provides the light source for the x-ray machine, the beam limiter controls the beam, the high-voltage generator provides pressure for the light source, and the high-voltage cable connects the spherical tube and the generator to deliver high voltage. An x-ray machine requires two high-voltage cables to work. Therefore, the spherical tube, beam limiter, high-voltage generator and high-voltage cable are the indispensable basic configurations of the sickle arm X-ray machine.
In addition to the above configuration of the sickle arm X-ray machine itself, in order to complete the film examination of the patient, an imaging system is also required.
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