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A customer inquired about a sickle arm X-ray machine

Lillian 4月 06, 2021

Yesterday, a customer consulted our company’s sickle arm X-ray machine. The client said that this is a nursing home and a new hospital needs to be built. Now the hospital needs X-ray equipment. Seeing that there are equipment in this area on our Newheek website, I would like to ask about the price of a fixed X-ray machine and a mobile X-ray machine. What are the performance parameters, it is good to report to the leader for approval. According to customer requirements, I recommend our sickle arm X-ray machine and mobile X-ray machine. The recommended reasons are:
The 1.sickle arm X-ray machine is best placed in the ward. It is very high-grade and fully equipped. It does not need to be equipped with other equipment. It can be taken in both standing and lying positions. It is cost-effective, so it is a fixed X Alternatives to Optical Machines.
2. A mobile X-ray machine with a DR detector becomes a mobile DR, which can move back and forth between wards. For the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet, it can greatly meet their needs.

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