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Digital tablet filming machine-sickle arm x-ray machine

Lillian 7月 01, 2021

Recently, many customers have called us to inquire about our digital tablet filming machine. There are many kinds of such machines. Our Newheek mainly produces simple mobile DR for small clinics and sickle arm X-ray machines for hospitals. The customer asked whether this sickle arm X-ray machine can be rotated by an angle? The reply is okay, and our product has a very low radiation dose, which can effectively protect the health of patients. The customer asked again if it can take pictures of the chest and limbs? Reply to the customer this device can take pictures of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
The customer also asked what the operating specifications of the sickle arm x-ray machine are, and the safety of the instrument: adjust the pointers of the dry voltmeter, power meter and other instruments to the lowest position before turning off and turning on the machine, and then adjust it to the normal condition when using it. In order to avoid the indicator being damaged due to sudden power-on or power failure.

sickle arm x-ray machine

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