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A hospital wants to know about our U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 7月 27, 2021

Recently, we received inquiries from hospital customers about our U-arm X-ray machine. Our U-arm X-ray machine uses high-frequency inverter technology to obtain high-definition images with low-dose exposure. High-power, high-kV, and large-Ma load output can meet the needs of full-body photography. Short-time transient exposure can eliminate motion artifacts and easily capture image information.
The U-arm X-ray machine has stable radiation output, high slope and low output voltage ripple. It can achieve high-power, high-kV, and short-term photography, which can effectively reduce imaging blur caused by visceral peristalsis, and greatly improve imaging quality. High-quality X-rays have high DC components, short imaging time, high exposure accuracy, good imaging repeatability, clear clinical images, and rich diagnostic information with minimal doses.
The APR function of the U-arm X-ray machine can easily select the photographing conditions of different anatomical parts, and the AEC function of the ionization chamber can be selected to realize automatic control of photographing exposure.

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems

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