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A customer in Uzbekistan inquired about U-arm

Lillian 9月 06, 2021

Today, a customer in Uzbekistan found our company’s U-arm through the company’s website, and showed great interest in it, and then contacted our company to inquire about our company’s U-arm related issues.
The client is a local distributor in Uzbekistan. The terminal hospital is mainly used to take pictures of patients’ limbs, chest radiographs, lumbar spine and pelvis and other body parts. After communicating with customers, we introduced a 30KW U-arm to customers.
This U-arm has a new U-shaped design with accurate rotation angle and multi-angle photography to meet clinical needs. I sent a picture to the customer. The customer is very satisfied with the shape of our U-arm and asked us how to use it. In fact, the method of use is very simple, and people who are engaged in this industry can quickly become proficient.


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