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X-ray U arm machine for radiography

Alina 10月 15, 2019

U-arm X-ray machine high resolution image, provide better diagnosis, Newheek U – arm X-ray machine beautiful appearance generous, stable performance, can meet your different procurement needs.

What role does the flat panel detector play in the X-ray U arm machine

The Newheek u-arm X-ray machine is a highly versatile integrated c-arm design that maintains a constant alignment between the bulb and the image sensor, independent of the tilt of the u-arm X-ray machine or the image receiving Angle.Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system suitable for all patients, including those with disabilities or physical limitations.
The X-ray bulb and image receptor are kept constant calibrated to ensure fast and accurate imaging.
The operating system of our U – arm X-ray machine is simple, convenient and flexible.

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