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Working principle of U-arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 9月 04, 2023

Medical U-arm X-ray machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in medical imaging diagnosis, and its working principle is based on the generation and detection of X-rays. The specific working principle is as follows:
X-ray generation: There is an X-ray tube inside the U-arm X-ray machine, which accelerates electrons through high voltage, so that the electrons have sufficient energy, and then the electrons hit the target of the X-ray tube (usually a tungsten target), thereby generating X-rays .
X-ray beam control: The X-ray beam passes through special filters and regulators to control the amount and energy of X-rays.
Irradiation of the patient’s body: the patient needs to lie down or stand on the bed, and the doctor places the part to be examined in the direction of the beam of the X-ray machine.
X-ray detection: After the ray passes through the patient’s body, it will be received by the detector. The detector is usually a special sensor, such as a flat panel detector. They convert X-rays passing through the patient’s body into visible light or electrical signals.
Image reconstruction: From the signal received by the detector, the imaging device converts the data into a digital image. These images can be processed and analyzed by a computer and displayed on a screen for a doctor to make a diagnosis.
To sum up, the working principle of the medical U-arm X-ray machine is to generate and detect X-rays, and then through image processing and analysis, generate digital images of the patient’s body for doctors to diagnose.
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