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Wireless flat panel detector for 500mA U-arm machine

Alina 5月 21, 2019

There are many types of Newheek X-ray machines, such as C-arms, U-arms, double-columns, filmers and moving bedside machines. Today, I will introduce you to the Newheek X ray machine of U-arm. We all know that the U-arm consists of many components, mainly high-voltage generators, bulbs, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, grids (optional) and mechanical parts. Today, I will introduce you to the high-voltage cable used on the U-arm. The high-voltage cable used on the U-arm differs from the CT machine in that it usually requires a cable of 8 m length. If the tube is 125kv, you can choose a 75kv high-voltage cable. If it is a 150kv tube, you need to configure a 90kv tube.
The flat panel detector is actually an option for the 500 mA x ray u-arm, but most hospitals have now upgraded the X-ray machine to a digital system. That is to say, most hospitals have already used DR flat panel detectors.
Simply put the DR flat panel detector:

Product Highlights
√ It is designed cassette-size, which is easy to fit into the bucky tray for
Replacement the old cassette radiography.
√ Light weight, stable performance, which is widely applicable to
Radiography table, column, bed side x-ray machine etc.
√ Adopt full automatic sensor technology, it doesn’t need to connect
With the generator, the exposure will be finished and the image can be
Collected automatically.

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