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Where is the U-arm DR suitable for shooting?

Newheek-Uarm 1月 13, 2022

Where is the U-arm DR suitable for shooting? Let me briefly talk about the U-arm DR. The U-arm X-ray machine is mainly used by the radiology department to carry out digital photographic diagnosis of body parts for patients of different body shapes, different parts and different ages. The U-arm DR eliminates the need for external high-voltage generators and high-voltage cables, and has a simple and beautiful appearance, which is convenient and safe to use. In terms of function, the U-arm DR is equipped with multi-position, multi-position, multi-body type adult, children and other human body characteristic parameter settings, which is easier to operate. U-arm DR rays are of high quality, low skin dose, fresh images and high contrast. The U-arm DR is not easy to be damaged and has a long service life.

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems

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