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What is the X-ray table of the U-arm X-ray machine?

Lillian 7月 06, 2021

Newheek bucky simple U-arm stage can be matched with different radiological equipment, such as c-arm, mobile X-ray, U-arm X-ray machine, etc. It can also be used in veterinary X-ray devices.
The U-arm X-ray machine is an instrument used in the radiology department to perform digital photographic diagnosis of various parts of the body for patients of different body types, different parts, and different ages.
U-arm X-ray machine, also known as sickle arm X-ray machine, is mainly composed of sickle arm, X-ray high-frequency high-voltage generator, console, tube, beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector and digital workstation. Partial composition. The rotation range is large, and multi-angle whole-body photographs can be taken, and the digital flat panel detector is used for digital imaging, and the imaging is stable and high-definition.
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 U-arm X-ray machine

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