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What is the sickle arm and its characteristics

Newheek-Uarm 2月 28, 2023

Sickle arm dr is a dr device with a U-shaped sickle arm, called dr for short, which is mainly used for photographing the chest, limbs, pelvic cavity, lumbar spine and other parts of the human body. It is different from the traditional film imaging technology, which enables the medical diagnostic X-ray machine to realize film-free, and can transmit digital images to other devices or network systems, creating a new field of radiological diagnosis. The characteristic of sickle arm dr is that the X-rays passing through the human body are directly projected to the flat-panel image detector (DR board for short), and then the digital image is collected, processed, transported and displayed on the monitor by computer technology for medical personnel to observe the images of human organs and tissues for the purpose of diagnosis. If you want to know about sickle arm dr, welcome to consult us! Tel: +8617616362242

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