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What is the principle of U-arm use?

Alina 4月 15, 2020

There are many types of Newheek Xray machines, such as C-arms, U-arms, double-columns, filmers and moving bedside machines. Today, I will introduce you to the Newheek X ray machine of Uarm. We all know that the Uarm consists of many components, mainly high-voltage generators, bulbs, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, grids (optional) and mechanical parts. Today, I will introduce you to the high-voltage cable used on the Uarm.

What role does the flat panel detector play in the X-ray U arm machine

Newheek currently has three manual limiters and an electric limiter, and we use the manual limiter L03 for the Uarm.
Simply tell us about the 90kv high voltage cable we have for Uarm:
√ For medical applications, such as xray machine, DR, CT etc.
√ From basic radiography systems to high performance systems.
√ Customized for highest flexibility.
√ Complete product range.
√ Every cable length available.

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