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What is the high voltage cable on the X-ray U-arm machine?

Alina 8月 29, 2019

NKX-500 500mA medical diagnostic X-ray machine is mainly used for the human chest, limbs, pelvic and lumbar vertebrae and other parts of the photographic examination. It is controlled by a microcomputer, liquid crystal display and simple operation.
Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine
The new design of high-frequency high-voltage generator, stable and accurate exposure conditions, reduce the dose of radiation while reducing the production of soft rays, effective protection of patients and doctors. Simple and convenient position display, it can automatically set the exposure parameters according to the choice of patient’s body shape and position, and can be saved and corrected.
The new U design has accurate rotation angle and multi angle photography to meet the clinical needs. Reliable security function, fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault status, and automatic protection, display fault code, accurate, convenient and timely.
Using digital flat panel detector, the performance is stable, greatly reducing the dose of X rays.
Its new design high frequency and high voltage generator is connected to the ball tube by Newheek high voltage cable.

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