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What are the advantages of the U-arm digital X-ray machine?

Lillian 8月 06, 2021

U-arm digital X-ray machine is a new type of X-ray machine. What are the characteristics of the U-arm digital X-ray machine?
The Newheek digital X-ray machine adopts the most mainstream flat panel detector, with excellent image quality. The all-electric photography structure can not only meet all clinical examination needs, but also the one-key positioning operating system can quickly and automatically complete the positioning of various body positions. The color LCD touch screen is used for near desk control, which is convenient and easy to use, and is more in line with the hospital’s environmental sanitation requirements. The integrated compartment control system of the digital X-ray machine integrates exposure control, image acquisition, and image processing. The Chinese software interface control is all Chinese, and the design is more user-friendly.
Newheek digital X-ray machine configuration:
(1) Large-size amorphous silicon flat panel detector
(2) Full electrical inspection mechanical structure
(3) One-key positioning and posture transformation system
(4) Detection tube automatic tracking system
(5) Color LCD touch screen
(6) Integrated Chinese console

U-arm digital X-ray machine

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