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U arm X ray machine

Lillian 3月 18, 2021

The utilization rate of U arm X-ray machine in our country is very high. The normal U arm X-ray machine is composed of UC arm , X-ray high-frequency high-voltage generator, console, X-ray tube assembly (ball tube), collimator, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector and digital workstation.
The U arm completes the image generation, which is mainly composed of image intensifier, CCD camera, power supply and control part. The function of the digital workstation is: the workstation provides many interfaces and many data expansion interfaces. It completes the calculation of the whole system and the post-processing and storage of images. At the same time, the workstation completes the distribution of the AC power supply of the U arm, and carries out real-time monitoring. The automatic function of the whole U arm is managed by it. It reports the system conditions in real time, so that the operator can better protect the patient’s safety and correct operation.
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Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine


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