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U-arm X-ray machine used for foreign aid

Lillian 11月 25, 2021

Customers need to purchase U-arm X-ray machines for foreign aid projects. I saw that we provide various styles of X-ray machines on the website, and asked if we can use U-arm X-ray machines for foreign aid. We explain to customers. Because X-ray machines are of various styles, it is best to ask about the specific needs of customers and we will recommend them accordingly. If there is a tender document, we can send the tender parameters to us. Let us determine if it is a U-arm X-ray. machine. The client said that the bidding documents have not yet come out. We have listed the following questions. We hope that the end customer will confirm whether it is a U-arm X-ray machine, and the customer will contact us after confirming it.
1. X-ray machine or X-ray machine for fluoroscopy;
2. Mobile or fixed;
3. Dosage requirements, or what parts are used for shooting;
4. Whether it has an imaging system, a digital system or an analog system;
5. Certificate requirements;

U-arm X-ray machine

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