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U-arm X-ray machine is recommended for fixed DR

Lillian 11月 30, 2021

Customers consult our products. Want us to recommend a fixed DR. After communication, the customer wanted the hospital to purchase independently, and told us that he wanted a fixed DR that could reach 630 mA. According to the information sent by the customer, we recommended our U-arm X-ray machine for the customer. After sending the information of our U-arm X-ray machine to the customer, the customer is very interested in our U-arm X-ray machine. Ask us if this U-arm X-ray machine is DR, and tell the customer that it can be equipped with a flat-panel detector. After that is DR, the customer asked about the price and precautions when shooting, and was very satisfied with our U-arm X-ray machine. If you also need a U-arm X-ray machine, please contact us!

U-arm X-ray machine

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