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U-arm use principle

Alina 5月 28, 2019

The x-ray u arm machine is a device for generating X-rays, which is mainly composed of an X-ray tube and an X-ray machine power supply and a control circuit, and the X-ray tube is composed of a cathode filament (Cathod) and an anode target (Anode) and a vacuum glass tube.

The X-ray machine power supply can be divided into two parts: a high-voltage power supply and a filament power supply, wherein the filament power supply is used for heating the filament, and the high-voltage output end of the high-voltage power supply is respectively sandwiched between the cathode filament and the anode target to provide a high-voltage electric field to make the filament The active electrons accelerate to the anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow. After bombarding the anode target surface, 99% is converted into heat, and 1% is X-ray due to the Compton effect.
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