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U-Arm system components

Alina 1月 06, 2020


Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine
U-Arm system components include a main column that is positioned flush with the wall, along with a compact X-ray generator, compact collimator and built-in enclosure that protects the panel during everyday use. This reduced footprint gives clinicians more space to maneuver for capturing images and treating patients.

Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine


75KV 6m high voltage cable for X-ray U arm machine X-ray machine
User-friendly controls simplify the operation of dual-speed motorized movements, while an intuitive anti-collision system makes patient positioning fast, easy and safe. The system automatically maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and image receptor at all times, further enhancing throughput. And the included table allows patients to be moved into a variety of positions.

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