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U-arm medical X-ray filming machine

Lillian 5月 27, 2021

U-arm medical X-ray filming machine is composed of X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generator, U-arm frame, X-ray tube assembly, beam limiter, digital flat panel detector, and digital workstation. Most functions of the filming machine system can be realized by remote control, such as U-arm angle, SID function, detector angle, system height and so on. This can ensure that the operator is protected from X-ray radiation and the operation is convenient and efficient.
The U-arm medical X-ray filming machine has reset and rotation protection functions. You can preset it to three positions to enter the machine, and then press the three reset buttons, and the system will move to your preset position. When the U-shaped arm is in a lower position, it can be turned by a key. It will not rotate. Then adjust the equipment to a higher position, and then work. This function is to prevent the machine from tipping over, because the X-ray U-shaped arm will touch the ground when it rotates in a lower position.
If the operator needs to manually shut down, the emergency brake located on the side of the detector cabinet can completely stop the device. Automatic protection system, the system has a sensor to control the tension of the cable and make the system move up and down. The sensor detects a predetermined drop in the required tension, even if the power is disconnected, it can stop the device to prevent the device arm from falling suddenly.
The detector buffer at the bottom of the U-arm medical X-ray filming machine will work when the system moves down and comes into contact with the ground or an object. Not only is the system interrupted in a controlled manner, but it can be retracted from the target point to release any possible pressure from the initial contact.

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