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U-arm DR X-ray machine

肖恩 10月 08, 2020

Nkx-502 U-arm DR machine is mainly used for the photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar vertebrae.The multi-function U-arm is the most basic medical device in China, while the numerical control technology is the most basic high-tech industry and frontier technology, and also the most advanced technology and equipment.In order to ensure and improve the precision of machining parts, it mainly depends on two aspects: one is the control precision of the system;The second is the mechanical transmission precision of the multi-function U-arm.Because of the position and offset speed, the digital transmission system must be automatically controlled.Therefore, the design of the U-arm has a good precision, can ensure the transmission accuracy and stability of the mechanical transmission system.Because of this characteristic, the U-arm has also been applied in the medical field.

Main advantages of U-arm DRX – ray machine:
1. Microcomputer control, LCD, easy to operate.
2. The newly designed high frequency and high voltage generator provides stable and accurate irradiation conditions, reduces the production of soft rays while reducing the radiation dose, and effectively protects patients and doctors.
3. Simple and convenient location display.
Exposure parameters can be automatically set, saved and corrected according to the patient’s body shape and position selection.
4. New U-shaped design, accurate rotation Angle, multi-angle photography, to meet the clinical needs.
5. Reliable safety function, fault self-diagnosis function, can quickly and accurately determine the fault status, and can automatically protect, display fault code, timely, accurate and convenient.
6. Adopting digital flat plate detector, the performance is stable, greatly reducing the X-ray dose, effectively reducing the radiation dose of doctors and patients.

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