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U-arm dr What does it mean

Lillian 8月 30, 2021

U-arm dr What does it mean? First of all, the U-arm is a name for one of the types of X-ray machines, because its mechanical part looks like a sickle, so it is named U-arm. And what does U-arm DR mean? DR is the abbreviation of Digital Radiology, which is digital photography. So U-arm DR means an X-ray machine that uses digital photography.
Briefly introduce the characteristics of our U-arm DR:
(1) Microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, easy operation.
(2) Newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator: The exposure conditions are stable and accurate, which reduces the radiation dose while reducing the generation of soft rays, which effectively protects patients and doctors.
(3) Simple and convenient body position display: According to the selected patient’s body shape and location, the exposure parameters can be automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.
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