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The difference between U arm X-ray machine and double column X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 6月 26, 2023

The U arm X-ray machine refers to an X-ray machine that can adjust the shooting angle and perform whole-body digital film inspection on the standing and lying positions of the human body. The basic components of a U arm X-ray machine include a frame, a photography flat bed, a ball tube, a beamer, a high-voltage cable, a high-voltage generator, a flat-panel detector, and a console.
The shooting parts and functions of the double-column X-ray machine(A fixed X-ray machine) are the same as those of the U arm X-ray machine. The difference is that the structure of their frame is different. To the floating photography flat bed, ground rail, electrical control box, etc.
The power of the two X-ray machines is 30KW or 50KW. According to the different shooting parts of the human body, the power can be adjusted by adjusting the tube current and tube voltage of the equipment. If it is to shoot parts that are relatively easy to penetrate, such as the limbs and chest cavity of the human body, it only needs a power of about 5KW; The voltage and current are increased to increase the power so that a clearer image can be taken.
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