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Talking about the advantages of sickle arm DR

Newheek-Uarm 1月 07, 2022

The sickle arm frame incorporates the ergonomic design concept, flexible mechanical performance is suitable for various shooting positions, and is equipped with a super anti-collision system. The sickle arm DR is easy to operate and has advanced and comprehensive functions. The novel design of the high-frequency and high-voltage generator, the sickle arm DR exposure conditions are stable and accurate, while reducing the radiation dose, it also reduces the generation of soft rays, which effectively protects patients and doctors. Simple and convenient position display, the sickle arm DR can be saved and corrected according to the patient’s body shape and position. Unique and novel design concept, accurate rotation angle of sickle arm DR, multi-angle photography mode. The fault self-diagnosis function of the sickle arm DR can accurately determine the fault status and display the fault problem, which is accurate, convenient and timely. Using intelligent wireless digital flat-panel detectors, the sickle arm DR performance is stable, and the X-ray dose is fully reduced. The feature of the sickle arm dr is that X-rays that pass through the human body are directly projected to the flat-panel image detector, and then digital images are collected, processed, transported and displayed on the monitor using computer technology for medical personnel to diagnose human organs and tissues Image to achieve the purpose of diagnosis.

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