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Sickle arm plate DR

Lillian 4月 05, 2021

The sickle-arm plate DR is a flat-panel DR device with a U-shaped sickle arm. It performs real-time image digital processing through A/D conversion and D/A conversion. It has the characteristics of clear image quality, fast imaging speed, and low radiation. The emergence of the sickle arm tablet DR has completely realized the direct digitization of medical X-ray photography, and has become the mainstream digital equipment in modern radiology medicine. The sickle arm tablet DR produced by Newheek is a multi-functional medical device that takes into account the clinical examination of orthopedics, respiratory system, digestive system and genitourinary system.
1. Static acquisition using flat-panel detectors: imported large-size flat-panel detectors, using a new generation of amorphous silicon cesium iodide “pine needle” full-page planting technology to obtain high-definition, distortion-free images
2. Dynamic acquisition adopts image intensifier + CCD, high-definition image chain, to ensure that small lesions will not be missed
3. Flexible and convenient diagnosis bed, which is convenient for doctors to operate to the greatest extent
4. Integrated multifunctional U-arm rack system, the whole machine is easy to operate, flexible and convenient.
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Is the imaging system for the X-ray U arm only DR


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