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Sickle arm DR films do not require a filter

Newheek-Uarm 2月 14, 2022

Do I need a filter for sickle skin DR films?
First, let’s understand what pneumoconiosis is. Pneumoconiosis is a systemic disease mainly caused by diffuse fibrosis of lung tissue caused by long-term inhalation of productive mineral dust in occupational activities and deposition in the lungs. Patients may be asymptomatic in the early stage, and typical respiratory symptoms include cough, expectoration, and dyspnea.
The traditional pneumoconiosis examination is to use the HKV chest X-ray and high-kilovolt chest X-ray (HKV) photography technology for inspection. In the early 1990s, some researchers conducted a lot of research on the application of X-ray digital imaging in the examination and diagnosis of pneumoconiosis. The results showed that DR imaging technology is far superior to HKV technology, especially in the display of small shadows. Compared with HKV filming technology, DR filming can significantly improve the authenticity of image information and image quality. In addition, because the storage of HKV chest radiographs has high requirements on the environment, and film storage takes up a lot of space, the operation speed of information storage, query, and retrieval is slowed down; and the use of DR radiography technology can effectively avoid these problems. problem, which has prompted DR imaging to be adopted by more and more medical institutions.
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