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Precautions during use of U arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 5月 13, 2023

Precautions during use of U arm X-ray machine.
Before using X-ray safety inspection equipment, operators must receive relevant training on radiation safety protection in accordance with local laws and regulations; operators should only use equipment after receiving necessary equipment training and mastering basic operating skills; equipment Before supplying power, be sure to confirm that the on-site power supply voltage is consistent with the power supply voltage of the equipment. The power supply should be well grounded and avoid sharing power with other large equipment;
Before opening, do not touch each switch or button with wet hands, otherwise, when the grounding effect of the machine is poor, electric leakage may cause electric shock.
Before operating the equipment, please confirm whether the covers of each part are installed properly. If the moving parts are touched during operation, injury may result.
Do not touch the moving parts while the equipment is in operation, otherwise the sudden movement of the moving parts may cause injury.
Unless otherwise instructed, the main power switch must be turned off before maintenance and inspection. The main power supply must be locked, and the operator must use a key to open
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