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Philippine customer inquiries about sickle arm

Newheek-Uarm 6月 17, 2022

Filipino customers saw our sickle arm on our company's Alibaba. They are very interested in our sickle arm. They want to know the specific information and quotation of our sickle arm. If necessary, they will buy from our company.
Ask the customer what parts of the body are mainly used for shooting, and introduce to the customer that our sickle arm X-ray machine has 32KW and 50KW, and the 32kW X-ray machine is no problem to shoot the limbs, thorax, lumbar spine and other parts of the body, and confirm the needs with the customer Which one. The product information and quotation were sent to the customer, and the customer responded that they would buy from our company if necessary.
The picture of our sickle arm is as follows:

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