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Our medical 500 mA x-ray machine in Newheek

Lillian 7月 13, 2021

Newheek X-ray machines are widely used in various fields of medical and health, science education, and industry. For example, X-ray machines can be used in hospitals to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases, non-destructive inspections in industry, safety inspections in railway stations and airports, and so on. The medical 500 mA X-ray machine is a relatively common medical device, so does the medical 500 mA X-ray machine have much radiation? Medical radiation has the characteristics of low radiation and relatively stable radiation quality. But no matter how small or large the radiation is, there is radiation.
Our Newheek digital X-ray machine is a domestic cost-effective medical 500 mAh X-ray machine. It has multiple automatic protections and fault code prompts, making maintenance more convenient. It independently develops and produces all-electric U-arm mainframes. ,Large range of lifting and rotating, to meet the requirements of standing and lying multi-position photography. In addition, the mechanical movement adopts fully automatic digital control drive technology, high-quality geared motor, stable performance, one-key in place, accurate and reliable, near-stage control, handheld remote control, compartment control, three mechanical movement control methods, fast operation Flexible and convenient.

medical 500 mA x-ray machine

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