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Our company supplies a lot of U arm X ray machines to Italy

Expedition 3月 05, 2020

As of 0:00 local time on March 5, the number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus virus in Italy has risen to 3144, with a total of 107 deaths, according to the emergency ministry of civil protection and the emergency committee of the new coronavirus, Europa reported.
It is reported that 4 night local time, emergency civil defense department minister, the new champions Italy pneumonia outbreak, a spokesman for Angelo, borrell (Angelo Borrelli), said in the health sector and with the joint efforts of staff, Italy diagnosed patients cure rates are rising, the national 116 cured patients were created 4, 72.5%, cure patients has reached 276 people.
Meanwhile, the number of suspected cases has increased by 498. The number of suspected cases tested positive for the new coronavirus by a single nucleic acid test has increased to 2,761.

Our company specializes in the production of X-ray equipment and its accessories.The U arm X-ray machines we provided to Italy this time can quickly examine a patient’s lungs for further treatment.Our U arm X-ray machines pass CE, ROHS certification, reliable quality, affordable price.

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