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Orthopedic Hospital, a consulting arm sickle DR X-ray machine

Lillian 7月 12, 2021

Today, a customer found our company’s website to inquire about the sickle arm DR X-ray machine, and showed great interest in this, and then contacted our company to inquire about our sickle arm DR X-ray machine.
The client is a local orthopedic hospital, mainly used to take pictures of patients’ limbs, lumbar spine and pelvis. After communicating with customers, we introduced a 30KW sickle arm DR X-ray machine to customers.
The machine adopts a newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator, the exposure conditions are stable and accurate, and the radiation dose is reduced while reducing the generation of soft rays, which effectively protects patients and doctors. Simple and convenient body position display, according to the selected patient’s body shape and location, the exposure parameters can be automatically set, and can be saved and corrected. New U-shaped design, accurate rotation angle, multi-angle photography, to meet clinical needs. It adopts digital flat panel detector with stable performance and greatly reduces X-ray dose.
Customers feel that our sickle-arm DR X-ray machine products are in line with their expectations and meet their requirements in all aspects. The following is a picture of our sickle-arm DR X-ray machine:

arm sickle DR X-ray machine

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