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Newheek’s X-ray U arm introduces

Abby 6月 04, 2019

The Newheek X-ray U arm Flat DR System X-ray machine uses a single detector for multi-purpose shooting. All mechanical movements are controlled by motor drives, maximizing the efficiency of the filming, and its superior flexibility and cost-effectiveness make it a common configuration feature for digital photography.
Newheek's X-ray U arm introduces
Its outstanding advantages are a single system and multiple uses. The Huading X-ray U arm flat-panel DR system configuration contains a 400kH high-frequency high-voltage generator and a high-resolution FPD/CCD detector. It is easy to operate, easy to use, and fast. Image acquisition, support DCOM3.0 using PACS connection.
It uses a 400KHZ high-frequency high-voltage generator, and the imaging area of the car is 17″X17″.
Newheek X-ray U arm flat-panel DR system X-ray machine selection of accessories: FPD / CCD detector optional, PAU / PSU (storage regulator), AEC (automatic exposure control), automatic or manual limiter optional.
Newheek's X-ray U arm introduces

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