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Medical U-arm DRX optical machine

Newheek-Uarm 2月 01, 2023

The U-arm DRX light machine is an instrument used in the radiology department for digital photography diagnosis of various parts of the body for patients of different sizes, parts and ages. Its standard configuration mainly includes DR frame, X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generator, console, X-ray tube assembly, beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed and flat-panel detector.
Our company’s U-arm is a microcomputer-controlled liquid crystal display, easy to operate; it is a newly designed high-frequency high-voltage generator with stable and accurate lighting conditions, and reduces the amount of radiation and the generation of soft rays, thereby protecting patients and doctors; it is very easy to press The only embodiment is convenience; it also has a reassuring safety function, the fault can be automatically displayed, and it has the function of self-protection.
However, failures in the use of X-ray machines are inevitable, so what should we do? If the U-arm fails, stop working immediately, report to the professional maintenance personnel, find out the cause of the failure, repair and eliminate it in time, so that the machine can be restored to the best performance state as much as possible, and small mistakes can lead to big disasters. Make detailed records on the daily use of the machine and repairs after failures, so as to keep abreast of the performance status of the machine.
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