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Medical rdiology table for U-arm x ray machine

Alina 12月 26, 2019

The film bed is suitable for standing, lying, lateral and kilovolt photography of human head, chest, abdomen, limbs and bones in hospitals at all levels.

Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine

It can be used with X-ray generator and radiator. Newheek medical rdiology table can also be used for X-ray photography in large and medium-sized hospitals, as well as for scientific research and teaching in medical research institutes and medical colleges.

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems
A brief introduction to Newheek radiology table with Bucky economic design:
Quick Details
Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name: Newheek
Product Name: C Arm Table (Fluroscopy Table)
Model Number: NK-T2 (PG-N)
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Table Surface: Plexiglass
Cassette Tray: Yes
Table Surface Size: 2018 mm x 730 mm x 700 mm
Cassette Tray Travel: 1000mm + 10mm
Custom Made: Yes
Table Load: 150 kg
Application: C arm, UC arm, Mobile X ray

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