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Medical 500 mA X-ray machine-U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 9月 27, 2021

A customer came to inquire about our medical 500 mA X-ray machine, so he asked which kind of medical 500 mA X-ray machine he would like. Our gastrointestinal machine, fixed X-ray machine and U-arm X-ray machine are all There is 500ma, and the customer’s request is for one that can shoot the whole body, then our U-arm x-ray machine can meet this requirement, and the U-arm x-ray machine is equipped with a DR digital imaging system, which can quickly Of imaging. It only takes 1 second for browsing and 5 seconds for full image imaging, which greatly saves the time for doctors to visit. Moreover, the U-arm X-ray machine adopts a U-arm design and can be rotated. If you take a chest radiograph, you only need to rotate the arm 90 degrees.

U-arm X-ray machine

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