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Maintenance of X-ray U-arm

Lillian 12月 20, 2021

Recently, a customer asked about some parameters and routine maintenance of the X-ray U-arm. Everyone knows that the X-ray U-arm is a sophisticated medical instrument. If it is not properly maintained, it will greatly reduce its service life.
During the use of the X-ray U-arm, due to the service life of the equipment and certain objective reasons, some unsafe factors will occur. You need to pay attention to check it at any time to prevent problems before they occur and prevent major incidents from happening. The main points of checking the X-ray U-arm are whether the bottom line is connected, whether the X-ray tube sleeve has oil leakage, whether the temperature rise of the tube head is too high, whether the machine is operating normally, whether the wire rope has broken strands, and the console Is the knob misaligned? Do the following six points to maintain the equipment to the greatest extent.
1. The X-ray U-arm should be installed in a ventilated, dust-less, dry environment, avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
2. During maintenance, remove the dust from the equipment first, and remove the dust with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.
3. It is found that the components of the X-ray U-shaped arm or the terminal are loose, and it must be tightened immediately.
4. When the components are corroded, replace them if necessary.
5. If any component is damaged, find out the cause, and replace the new component after troubleshooting. After the device is replaced, the relevant parameters must be adjusted before it can be used normally.
6. Do not allow foreign objects or liquids to enter the equipment during maintenance to prevent leakage or accidents.
If you have an X-ray U-arm, you can maintain it in accordance with the above methods first. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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