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Maintenance of U arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 3月 21, 2023

Maintenance requirements for U arm X-ray machine equipment:

U arm X-ray machines require regular maintenance, and the following recommendations are beneficial for use and safety:

1) The machine room should be kept clean, dry, and ventilated.

2) After prolonged wear and use of the equipment, the mechanical safety level may decrease. In order to prevent injury to patients or operators, it is necessary to regularly check whether the mechanical parts are loose and whether the brake device is reliable.

3) Correct electrical calibration can give full play to the performance of this equipment, and the calibration work should be carried out by authorized professionals.

4) The equipment shall be in the charge of a dedicated person and a management file shall be established.

5) In order to ensure the safety of users and examinees, this equipment cannot be arbitrarily modified. If modification is necessary, please contact our company.

6) The steel wire rope used for the suspension U-arm is recommended to be replaced every two years due to wear and aging.

7) The contact clearance between each moving component and the track bearing assembly is adjusted once a year.

8) Regular overhaul, please discuss with our company about overhaul matters.

9) After the product fails, it must be maintained by professional personnel recognized by the company.

10) Operators are well trained and able to complete routine inspections.

Maintenance and repair of U arm X-ray machine unit:

The multifunctional high-frequency digital X-ray imaging system is a precise and valuable medical diagnostic device. Users should understand the technical performance, structural principles, and operating procedures of this device, and do a good job in daily maintenance and repair work to fully exert the effectiveness of this device, extend its service life, ensure the normal use of the device, and ensure the safety of operators and personnel under inspection

The above is the maintenance of the U arm X machines. If you need it, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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