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Issues to consider when using a U-arm x-ray machine

Lillian 4月 19, 2021

Recently, customers often consult our U-arm x-ray machine, the use of the machine should pay attention to the first should be calibrated after the power supply voltage; filament voltage can not be too high, the filament voltage directly affects the X ray tube filament volatile degree.
Therefore, it must be used correctly in accordance with the regulations, the machine stops using the machine in a timely manner after shutting down the machine to avoid the reactive consumption of the filament, it is strictly prohibited to exceed the capacity, ultra-kilovolt use of the X ray machine, U-arm x-ray machine in use, pay attention not to overload the U-arm x-ray machine to use, generally in order to meet the diagnostic needs of the premise, try not to exceed the rated X ray tube capacity to use.

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