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How to distribute 500mA hospital X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 7月 11, 2022

How to distribute 500mA hospital X-ray machine? What kind of electricity needs to be used, you will know when you purchase the equipment. Generally speaking, 220V and 380V are optional. For example, large hospitals choose 380V, because this kind of electricity will be more stable.

Briefly introduce our 500mA sickle arm:

  1. The 500mA medical diagnostic X-ray machine is mainly used for photographic inspection of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
  2. Microcomputer control, LCD display, easy to operate.
  3. Newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator, stable and accurate exposure conditions, while reducing the radiation dose and reducing the generation of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors.
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