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How to adjust the clarity of drx line

Newheek-Uarm 3月 03, 2022

Recently, a customer asked how to adjust the clarity of the drx line?
The exposure parameters can be preset, and we can preset the optimal exposure parameters of the tissues and organs into the computer according to the absorption characteristics of different tissues and organs, such as kV, mAs, etc., and we can also modify them according to clinical needs and disease requirements Exposure parameters, such as increasing kV, edge enhancement, blackening and other parameters, can highlight bone tissue and reduce the effect of soft tissue images; on the contrary, by changing exposure parameters, the purpose of highlighting soft tissue such as joint capsule can be achieved, and the ionization chamber can automatically The exposure system precisely controls the exposure. Reduce errors caused by manual selection of exposure conditions.
At this point, everyone knows how to adjust the clarity of the drx line. If you have any needs, please call us.

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